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Saved By The Bell

Saved By The Bell


Music written by Jospeh Matthew Tatton

Graphic Art created by Michael Tallman

Photography by Simon Allen


Alejandro Castaño - Drums
Charlie Mertens - Double Bass
Joe Tatton - Acoustic Piano

Featuring Sam Bell - Percussion

Produced by Eddie Roberts
Color Red

Engineered by Josh Fairman
Scanhope Sound

Mixed by Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios

Mastered by David Glasser
Airshow Mastering

Executive Producer:
Eddie Roberts
Color Red

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“Saved by the Bell” is an energetic slice of funky piano laced with New Orleans vibes and an icing of percussive cake. More dancefloor-driven than the prior two releases on Color Red, Joe Tatton wanted to feature long-time New Mastersounds collaborator, Sam Bell on percussion to round out the sound and impart a swaggering boogaloo vibe. This contrasts the two prior releases on Color Red that were more introspective and is a perfect capstone to the series to highlight Tatton’s versatility ranging from acoustic piano trios over red wine to raging night clubs ushering in the daylight.

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