By: Tim Carman Trio
Produced By: Tim Carman Trio
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Tim Carman’s inaugural Color Red release is his rendition of the classic jazz tune “Scoochie” by Booker Ervin and Roy Haynes. Upon experiencing the COVID hardships of canceled gigs and the death of his drum teacher, Bob Gullotti, Carman took a deep inward dive and began to reexamine some of his favorite recordings from his high school days. One of the first albums he fell in love with was ‘Cracklin’’ by Booker Ervin & Roy Haynes which was given to him by Gullotti when he was a junior in high school. Carman pays tribute to his early days of drumming and the influence Gullotti had on his formative years by adding his take of the deep cut jazz tune on his full-length album to be released in collaboration with Color Red.