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Seems Like Old Times

Seems Like Old Times

Produced by Kate Voss, Jason Goessl

Kate Voss - Vocals, Bass, Ukulele, Xylophone
Jason Goessl - Acoustic Guitar, Guitar (Electric)

Tracking Engineer - Jason Goessl
Parlour Trick

Mixing Engineer - Evan Schiller
Evan Schiller Mastering

Mastering Engineer - Evan Schiller
Evan Schiller Mastering

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Creating a soundscape to match the feeling of love rekindled after 2 pandemic years seems impossible until you hear Sundae + Mr. Goessl's version of "Seems Like Old Times". With their signature vintage treatment to this old tune, it sounds like it came straight out of the 1940s (which is when this song was written) but there's also something about it that rings fresh, timely and...well, sad. Perhaps it's the predicament we've all found ourselves in these long 2 years that makes me want to drink a fine scotch and have a good cry when I hear this tune. Or maybe it's because I'm forced to think about the one who got away. Either way, this song is nostalgia personified.

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