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Show Me the Way

Show Me the Way

Color Red Producer: Mike Tallman

Produced by Euforquestra

Austin Zaletel - Saxophone, Vocals
Matthew Wright - Fender Rhodes
Mike Tallman - Background Vocals, Guitar (Electric)
Otis Lande - Bass Guitar (Electric)
Evry Lahaluma - Drums
Jeff Peterson - Drums
Esperance Mbanzila Milongo - Background Vocals
Kim Dawson - Background Vocals
Scott Flynn - Trombone
Joel Mbidy - Trumpet
Gabe Mervine - Trumpet
Arnold Asande Diaka - Percussion
Jeff Franca - Percussion
Tyson Meya - Vocals, Acoustic Piano
Amoureux Kimpioka - Guitar (Electric)

Tracking Engineer - Colin Bricker
Mighty Fine Productions

Mixing Engineer - Josh Fairman
Laskin Productions

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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Euforquestra honors the great Congolese musician, Papa Wemba, in “Show Me the Way.” In 2019, the group traveled to Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo on a State Department-sponsored trip to Africa and this song is a collaboration with some of the musicians they met during the trip. The Congolese rhumba also features vocalist Kim Dawson on vocals and is the second single off of the group’s forthcoming LP ‘While We Still Got Time.’

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