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Sorry You're Blue

Sorry You're Blue

Color Red Producer: Eddie Roberts
Production Credits:
Produced by: Eddie Roberts, Dylan Brown
Sound Engineer: Dylan Brown

Mixing Engineer: Dylan Brown

Mastering Engineer: Doug Krebs

Performer Credits:
Guitar: AJ Fullerton
Lead Vocals: AJ Fullerton

Bass Guitar: Alex Goldberg
Drums: Forrest Raup

Harmonica: Jake Friel
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AJ Fullerton releases the single, "Sorry You're Blue", off the upcoming album, 'Closer', from Color Red. "Sorry You're Blue" stays true to Fullerton's tasteful ability to blend roots, blues, and soul with catchy hooks and relatable lyricism. The single and forthcoming album was recorded at Color Red Studios in Denver, CO, and produced by the label's founder, Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds. "Sorry You're Blue" maintains an uplifting energy throughout with a Southern flair and ripping harmonica decoration to keep that blues feel AJ Fullerton has been so well-received for.
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