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Soul Makossa (Midtown Collective Remix)

Soul Makossa (Midtown Collective Remix)

Remix Ex. Producer - Marcos Flores

Produced by Oli Klomp

Oliver Klomp - Drums
Tige DeCoster - Bass
William Wolford - Guitar
Chris O' Conner - Guitar
Kent Halvorsen - Keyboards
Lalo Bello - Percussion
Jason Cressy - Trombone
Kate Olson - Baritone Sax
Marc Fendle - Alto Sax
Kevin Nortness - Tenor Sax
Peter Daniel - Baritone Sax
Mike Barber - Trumpet
Bill Jones - Trumpet
Maurice Caldwell - Vocals

Tracking Engineer -  Jason Gray
Magik Carpet Studios

Mixing Engineer - Jason Gray
Blue Mallard Recording

Re-Mixing Engineer - Salvatore and Deff Ventura aka Midtown Collective

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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Salvatore and Deff Ventura aka Midtown Collective have been an integral part of Madrid nightlife for the past 25 years. Founders of spaces like the legendary Kingston Club and the Madactive Radio Show with Sandro Bianchi, Midtown Collective have always represented African-American sounds in Spain. Drawing from the organic iterations of House music, they have transformed a new version of the classic “Soul Makossa” by afrobeat newcomers West Seattle Soul into a relentless, synth-heavy Afro-NuDisco that will shake any dancefloor.

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