Southern Star

By: Alex Dunn
Produced By: Alex Dunn
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“Southern Star” by Alex Dunn is an oceanic folk song that carries the rhythms of the sea while detailing the arduous yet dreamy nature of living aboard a small wooden fishing vessel. Mirroring his experiences as a commercial salmon fisherman, much of Dunn’s life was often ebbing and flowing, dictated by the seasonal nature of the fish themselves—it was only natural for him to compose an Americana homage that reflects this uniquely aquatic existence. Dunn enlisted Bryant Moore (True Loves) as his co-producer and the two captured the reminiscence of long, hard days toiling upon the sea and nights spent in Dunn’s bunk below deck, lulled by the water slapping against the hull, the creaking wood expanding and contracting as the boat heaved up and down. Dunn also collaborated with his good friend and renowned multimedia artist Elena Stonaker on a music video to accompany the track and encapsulate imagery of an alternate dream-like reality where one floats through rugged waterscapes filled with wild creatures and the experiences of a particular, untamed solitude. The eponymous album ‘Souther Star’ will come- out via Color Red in fall 2021.