By: Backbeat Underground
Produced By: Sounds of Lee Popa
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Backbeat Underground enters a parallel universe to reimagine the Grateful Dead classic “Sugaree” with an early 70s, analog soul flair. Bandleader Satya Thallam paints a vivid narrative where the Dead return from their 1972 European tour and instead of pursuing a solo album, Jerry insists the band veer off and swing through Muscle Shoals for a session with the Swampers. In this session, they give the 12/8 folk-like classic a fresh coat of paint with a 4/4 soulful groove lathered in horns. To bring his vision to life, the band enlisted DC vocal legend Joe Quarterman to make the tune rich with Alabama flavor. Backbeat Underground entered Color Red’s orbit while sharing the stage with The New Mastersounds and Matador! Soul Sounds during their east coast appearances. The group collaborated with Eddie Roberts to bring the reincarnated version of the classic tune to the music platform and put it on display for heads and funk lovers alike.