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Sun Tone (EP)

Sun Tone (EP)

Produced by Ryan Gambrell

Ryan Gambrell - Guitar (Electric), Keyboards
Nik Levinsky - Guitar (Electric)
Richard Schlozman - Bass Guitar (Electric)
Jeff Brink - Drums
Peter Mouser - Keyboards

Tracking Engineer - 
Colorado Sound Studios

Mixing Engineer - Craig Welsch
Rear Window

Mastering Engineer - Jeff Lipton, Maria Rice
Peerless Mastering

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Sun Tone started as random musings on a laptop from Ryan Gambrell. Taking notes from classic hip hop producers, Gambrell began shaping his own sound with jazz guitar melodies, funky bass lines, and soulful organ pads on top of boom-bap beats. The project’s debut EP finds Gambrell calling upon his arsenal of collaborators in former reggae and afrobeat projects to help him bring his musings to life. As a producer, Gambrell has worked with fellow Color Red artists Sydney, Australia’s black bird hum mixing their latest release “My Side” and producing a b-side dub. He also tracked ATOMGA’s 2014 debut EP. His bloodlines in both performance and production work are displayed in Sun Tone. The collection of songs draws in influences ranging from mellow instrumental psychedelic acts like Khruangbin and El Michaels Affairs as well as lush guitar work along the lineage of Grant Green and George Benson. The end result is a distinct blend of cinematic soul music.

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