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SunDub Meets Victor Rice

SunDub Meets Victor Rice

Color Red Producer: Ben Teters

Produced by Ben Teters

Ben Teters - Drums, Percussion Instrument
Josh Carter - Bass
Joanna Teters - Vocals, Background Vocals
Eric Toussaint - Keyboard, Vocal Accompaniment
Finnegan Singer - Guitar (Electric)
Larry McDonald - Percussion Instrument

Tracking Engineer - Tim Walsh
Galaxy Smith Studios

Overdub Engineers - Ben Teters, Sidney Mills, DrewoftheDrew
Mercy Sound Studios, Jackson Yard Studios, StudiooftheDrew

Mixing Engineer - Victor Rice
Studio Copan

Mastering Engineer - Brad Dale
Dallas Audio Post

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“Close to Me Dub” is drenched in reverb and puts an airy, psychedelic vibe on SunDub’s most popular song. Concluding the ‘SunDub Meets Victor Rice’ EP, Rice reimagines the original vocal-heavy song in an exploratory dub to appeal to a different audience and expose younger fans to the art of dub remixing. Old school heads with Lee Scratch Perry and King Tubby records in their collection will vibe with the authenticity while younger listeners will get lost in the echoing hypnosis throughout the entire 3-song EP.

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