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The Flop

The Flop

Color Red Producer: Zach Jackson

Produced by Mike Tallman

Zach Jackson - Bass Guitar
Thomas Jennings - Electric Guitar
Eric Luba - Electric Organ
Will Trask - Drums
Alex Cazet - Saxophone

Tracking Engineer - Mike Tallman
Color Red Studios

Mixing Engineer - Mike Tallman
Add Noise Studios

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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“The Flop” by Gold Leader will put some funky pep in your step for a stroll down the sidewalk on a beautiful summer day. Inspired by ringleaders of modern funk like MSMW and The New Mastersounds, Zach Jackson took a demo from years ago and brought it into Color Red. The group’s chemistry is evident through Alex Cazet (sax) and Eric Luba’s (organ) melodic conversation backed by the pocket held down by Jackson (bass), Thomas Jennings (guitar), and Will Trask (drums).

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