By: Kevin Sandbloom
Produced By: Kevin Sandbloom
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“tPOUR” by Kevin Sandbloom is a driving, dark banger that encapsulates the mood of his debut Color Red EP ‘SO u r.’ In an effort to rearrange his writing style a little, the lyrics started out as some poetry in his head with the repetition serving as a nervous mantra depicting the strangeness of some start-stop relationships he had been having over the past three years. The bass groove is a nod to 80s funk lines Sandbloom grew up hearing in his neighborhood cultivated by greats like Zapp & Roger and The Gap Band. Producer Mike Morgan gave the track more depth with spooky string-like parts being played by an electric guitar through a processor, resampling Sandbloom’s voice for ghostly vocal sounds, and adding faint piano notes in the chorus.