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What's Going On

What's Going On

Produced by Eddie Roberts & Blake Mobley


Alvaro Tellez - Bass 
Eric Allison - Guitar 
Kace Brennan - Vocals 
Julian Myles - Saxophone
Blake Mobley - Keyboards 
Luis Madrid - Drums/Percussion 
Katie Wilson - Background Vocals 

Tracking Engineer - Blake Mobley

Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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The Backstage Collective is a group of event production and operations professionals brought together by their love of music and performing. Spearheaded by Denver keyboardist, Blake Mobley, the inspiration for covering “What’s Goin’ On” came from the shut down of the live event industry along with the new civil rights era we find ourselves in today. The group laid the foundation pulling inspiration from the classic 70s soul tune with vocals in the style of Donny Hathaway. The collective teamed up with Color Red to distribute and promote the collaboration with proceeds benefiting Positive Legacy’s COVID-19 Crew Relief Fun.

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