Really Really Love You

By: Josiah Soren & the Colorblind Pilots
Produced By: Josiah Soren & the Colorblind Pilots
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Josiah Soren & The Colorblind Pilots pay a tribute to the generation of funk and soul that inspired them with their cover of Australian soul singer Renee Geyer’s exceptionally deep cut, “Really Really Love You.” Soren was introduced to the track when a contemporary of his, Joey Tuholski aka “Pure Colors,” showed him a remix of one of his tunes that utilized a sample of Geyer’s 1975 tune and immediately saw an opportunity to breathe new life into it with a modern interpretation. Soren enlisted vocalist Jesse Williams who he cites as a reincarnation of Etta James deeply in touch with her spiritual side and was the perfect fit to capture the sensual, slow funky nature found in the original. Colorblind Pilot cut two versions of the tune to include both a radio edit and an extended 7-minute version that features an extra verse, trumpet and trombone solos, and an elongated outro. The track is the lead single off of the group’s debut LP coming out on Color Red summer 2022.