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Colorblind Pilot

Colorblind Pilot

Color Red Producer:

Produced by Tomas Uribe, Josiah Soren Garrett

Tomas Uribe - Background Vocals, Synthesizer, Synth Bass, Percussion Instruments, Tambourine
Sophia Trautman - Background Vocals
Austin Parker - Vocals, Background Vocals
Jesse Williams - Vocals, Background Vocals
Squalle - Vocals
Annie Elise - Background Vocals
Jonathan Fortson - Drums
Marcus White - Electric Organ, Keyboards, Synthesize, Fender Rhodes, Moog, Organ Bass
Steve Terry - Guitar, Background Vocals
Matt Pyecha - Guitar
Josiah Soren Garrett - Bass, Background Vocals, Tambourine, Acoustic Piano
Ian Edwards - Baritone Saxophone
Daniel Wytanis - Trombone
Dr. Geoff Wood - Trumpet 
Jacob Selvaggi - Tenor Saxophone 

Tracking Engineer - Tomas Uribe, Sophia Trautman
Stanwood Studio

Mixing Engineer - Tomas Uribe
Stanwood Studio

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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'Colorblind Pilot' is the debut, full-length studio album from bassist and Author, Josiah Soren Garrett. This eclectic Album features 15 performing musicians and is the culmination of a decade of musicianship from Josiah and friends. Written, rehearsed, and recorded during the Pandemic, Colorblind Pilot is a story of Josiah's own journey into adulthood and addresses themes like systemic racism, falling in love, and mental health. The Colorblind Pilots are a supergroup assembled by bandleader Josiah Soren to tell stories about our past, to help us understand the conditions of the present, and to bring forward a vision of a better future. Featuring an all-star cast of some of Georgia's best musicians, the Colorblind Pilots deliver hard-hitting truths among ripping solos and sultry ballads. And with over 15 performing musicians, these songs pack a serious sonic punch. So turn up your speakers and settle in, because the Colorblind Pilots have something to say
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