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War Pigs

War Pigs

Produced by Tomas Uribe, Josiah Soren Garrett

Austin Parker - Vocals
Jonathan Fortson - Drums
Marcus White - Electric Organ, Keyboards, Synthesizer
Steve Terry - Guitar, Background Vocals
Josiah Soren Garrett - Bass
Ian Edwards - Baritone Saxophone
Daniel Wytanis - Trombone
Dr. Geoff Wood - Trumpet 
Jacob Selvaggi - Tenor Saxophone 

Tracking Engineer - Tomas Uribe, Sophia Trautman
Stanwood Studio

Mixing Engineer - Tomas Uribe
Stanwood Studio

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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Josiah Soren & The Colorblind Pilots give a total overhaul to Black Sabbath's classic track "War Pigs" in this intriguing mix of rock, soul, and funk. By bringing a horn section and grooving rhythms into the mix, this driving cover is not to be overlooked and is sure to get listeners excited for the debut LP release 'Colorblind Pilot' via Color Red in April 2023. 
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