Collection: Polyrhythmics

Polyrhythmics are an 8-piece band from Seattle, Washington, USA. They play an instrumental mix of funk, rock, jazz, afro-beat, and more. They intentionally play many different genres of music with emphasis on the percussive and keyboard work.

Founded in late 2010, Polyrhythmics was formed by Ben Bloom and Grant Schroff, who quickly gathered some of the most talented and highly sought-after performers in the North West to record an EP. Ben and Grant were coming from different musical communities, from within the NW. Previous to this point, Ben had been on a musical journey, performing and making 45’s with recording artist, arranger and composer Joel Ricci, aka Lucky Brown and his “West Sound Union”, and playing in various soul, funk, rock and R&B collectives in the NW. Grant , a graduate from Cornish School of Music, had been performing various esteemed, jazz, funk, hip-hop and reggae groups throughout Seattle. The two met through mutual friends and had performed on a few bills together on several occasions, but until now had not collaborated.

Polyrhythmics have released two vinyl records on Color Red, Man From The Future, and the accompanying EP, Fondue Party. The band has also remasted and repressed their album Libra Stripes which is featured in the Rare Sounds vinyl club.