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The Cutdown

The Cutdown

Color Red Producer: Ben Bloom, Jason Gray

Produced by Polyrhythmics

Ben Bloom - Guitar
Jason Gray - Bass Guitar (Electric)
Grant Schroff - Drums
Nathan Spicer - Keyboards, Electric Organ
Scott Morning - Trumpet
Art Brown - Saxophone
Elijah Clark - Trombone
Karl Olson - Percussion Instruments

Tracking Engineer - Jason Gray
Studio Aleph

Mixing Engineer - Jason Gray
Blue Mallard Recording

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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“The Cutdown” gets its name from a late-night harvest on the eve of Polyrhythmics’ departure to their annual late-night appearances during New Orleans Jazz Fest. Guitarist Ben Bloom imagined the track setting the scene for a vibrant late night on Frenchmen St late at night during the city’s flagship musical gathering where modern electronic sounds are met with spirited funk bands performing to eager crowds at iconic venues. “The Cutdown” is the soundtrack to stepping outside to get some air, running into friends casually swaying to a second-line street party, and raising the vibes even higher. This track is off of the group’s 2020 full-length LP ‘Man From the Future’ and the digital single release is in celebration of the record’s second vinyl pressing coming out on Color Red in spring 2022.

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