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Abarbanel St.

Abarbanel St.

Color Red Producer: Eddie Roberts

Produced by Eddie Roberts

Ran Birnbaum - Shekere
Ilan Smilan - Guitar (Electric)
Eitan Drabkin - Keyboards
Matan Assayag - Drums
Elad Gelert - Baritone Saxophone
Eylon Tushiner - Tenor Saxophone
Raz Eitan - Percussion Instruments
Shahar Ber - Congas
Bar Ashkenazi - Trumpet
Nadav Bracha - Bass
Eddie Roberts - Guitar (Electric)

Tracking Engineer - Alex Terry, Roee Berezowitz

Mixing Engineer - Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios - Denver

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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“Abarbanel St.” is a collaboration between Tel Aviv’s Hoodna Orchestra and The New Mastersounds’ Eddie Roberts. The band connected with Roberts during his visit to Tel Aviv in fall of 2021 while he was in the region for a string of performance engagements including the Tel Aviv Groove Festival. While visiting, Hoodna Orchestra conducted a session with Roberts, “Abarbanel St.” is the result of the group telling Roberts, “Eddie, start with a funky lick!” and the song was formulated in one take from there. Abarbanel St. in Tel Aviv is where the Hoodna Bar is located and where the band was first formed, played live, rehearsed, and hung out. That session with Eddie truly resonated with the spirit of those early days on Abarbanel St. The track is the second release on Color Red’s new outpost in the Middle East where the platform will be collaborating and releasing music worldwide by some of the most sought-after acts in the region.

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