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Ben Yehuda

Ben Yehuda

Color Red Producer:

Rani Birnbaum - Percussion Instruments
Ilan Smilan - Guitar (Electric)
Eitan Drabkin - Keyboards
Matan Assayag - Drums
Elad Gelert - Baritone Saxophone
Eylon Tushiner - Tenor Saxophone
Raz Eitan - Percussion Instruments
Shahar Ber - Percussion Instruments
Bar Ashkenazi - Trumpet
Nadav Bracha - Bass

Tracking Engineer -  Arik Finkelberg
Hoodna Studios

Overdub Engineer -  Elad Gellert
Yuval's Studio

Mixing Engineer -  Arik Finkelberg

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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Hoodna Orchestra's latest release "Ben Yehuda" combines a classic retro feel with the drive of rock and the grooves of Afrofunk. The release date of June 1st coincides with the release of a new season of the hit reality series "Married At First Sight - Israel". Hoodna's own Raz Eitan stars in an episode of the series and composed "Ben Yehuda", a street where Raz lived for many years, as well as the location where the series' production captured his episode.
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