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Produced by Andrew Vait, Nick Foster

Annie Jantzer - Vocals
David Dawda - Bass
Emily Westman - Drums
Andrew Vait - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Sound Effects
Natalie Mai Hall - Cello
Kimmy Harrenstein - Violin, Viola

Tracking Engineer - Floyd Reitsma, Andrew Vait
Studio Litho

Mixing Engineer - Brandon Busch

Mastering Engineer - Brandon Busch

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Annie J’s “Change” was born from a desire to rediscover and relive moments and feelings from the past. The mid-tempo pop-soul track presents the perfect platform to showcase Annie’s sparkling voice and colorful style accentuated by an eclectic roster of fellow Seattle collaborators that include Andrew Vait, Emily Westman, Scott Paul Johnson, David Dawda. Her reflective lyrics examine the pain of past mistakes or losing loved ones and the ability they have to act as a catalyst for change that polarizes feelings of joy and sorrow alike. “Change” is the second single off of Annie J’s debut solo album ‘Get Back,’ coming out on Color Red in spring 2022. While Annie has garnered critical acclaim for her work in the vocal booth and sharing the stage with other established acts, ‘Get Back’ finds her lighting her own fire to step into her own with a stunning 6-track collection of polished, yet grounded and retro-inspired tunes.

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