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Slow It Back Down

Slow It Back Down

Produced by Andrew Vait, Nick Foster

Annie Jantzer - Vocals
David Dawda - Bass
Andrew Vait - Guitar, Keyboards
Chris Littlefield - Horn Arrangements

Tracking Engineer - Floyd Reitsma, Andrew Vait
Studio Litho

Mixing Engineer - Brandon Busch

Mastering Engineer - Brandon Busch

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Annie J’s debut solo single “Slow It Back Down” puts her stunning vocals on display over a sultry roller skating disco groove. Heralded as “one of the best singers in Seattle and beyond” by Seattle Music Insider, Annie is a household name in the Pacific Northwest music scene performing with 45th St Brass, Seattle Rock Orchestra, and the late blues legend Cedell Davis. “Slow It Back Down” is a model track to launch her first solo body of work as it both sonically and vocally imparts the message of needing to slow it back down to get into the groove. Her pop-soul style of vocals can be compared to the likes of Janelle Monae, Solange, and the Bee Gees coming from a place of joy, movement, and self-expression. Annie collaborated with other stalwarts of the Seattle scene including Andrew Vait (Sisters, Little Wins), Nick Foster (Nick Foster Band), Scott Paul Johnson (Hot Bodies In Motion), and Stephanie Anne Johnson (the Hidogs), among others on her debut EP release ‘Get Back’ that will be released on Color Red in early 2022.

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