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Crying For Hope

Crying For Hope

Color Red Producer: George Porter Jr.

Produced by George Porter Jr. & Michael H Lemmler

George Porter Jr. - Bass Guitar (Electric)
Michael Lemmler - Keyboards
Terrence Houston - Drums
Chris Adkins - Guitar (Electric)
Denise Sullivan - Vocals

Tracking Engineer - Joseph Kalb

Mixing Engineer - Joseph Kalb

Mastering Engineer - Joseph Kalb

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George Porter Jr & Runnin’ Pardners collaborated remotely to record “Crying for Hope” during the pandemic in New Orleans, LA. Porter penned lyrics inspired by the social justice movement over the past 9 months and keyboardist Mike Lemmler helped stitch the arrangement together. Once mixed by Joseph Kalb, the group collaborated with Color Red / Controlled Substance Sound Labs to release it into the world. Upcoming full-length album to release March 26, 2021.

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