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Find A Way

Find A Way

Color Red Producer: Lee Popa

Produced by Lee Popa

Marty Mardirosian - Drums
Roger Hirtz - Bass Guitar (Electric), Vocals
Carl Moszur - Vocals, Keyboards
John McFarland - Vocals, Guitar (Electric)
Paul Martin - Vocals, Guitar (Electric)
Jeff Luif - Vocals, Guitar (Electric)

Tracking Engineer - Jeff Luif
Star Trax Music Productions

Overdub Engineer - Jeff Luif
Star Trax Music Productions

Mixing Engineer - Jeff Luif
Star Trax Music Productions

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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Find A Way opens with a single guitar riff and sets the stage for the multi guitar arrangement to follow. Tasteful keyboards and a blazing guitar solo confirm that this band can rock with the best. The lyrics tell a story that is all too familiar to many women. It’s about a battered woman who knows this relationship can't go on, but she lives a fantasy and keeps coming back for more.

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