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Analog Son - Funky Mother (LP)

Analog Son - Funky Mother (LP)

Color Red Producer: Josh Fairman

Produced by Eddie Roberts

Jordan Linit - Guitar
Josh Fairman - Bass
George Horn - Drums
Eric Luba - Keys
Michael Chiesa - Tenor Sax
Gabe Mervine - Trumpet
Will Trask - Percussion

Recorded by Josh Fairman
Scanhope Sound

Mixed by Eddie Roberts
Color Red Studios

Mastered by Dave Glasser
Air Show Mastering

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Denver’s Purveyors of Funk are Back with their First Release on Color Red and a 9-Piece Band that Packs a Bigger Punch than Ever

The band’s fourth full-length album is their most robust effort yet with a 12-song collection of instant classics composed by co-founders and longtime musical collaborators, Jordan Linit and Josh Fairman. This album differs in a couple of key manners. For one, Linit and Fairman have cultivated a steadfast crew of top-call musicians to round out their roster as opposed to the “Steely Dan” format the group has used with a rotating studio cast on the prior three albums. In addition to Linit on guitar and Fairman on bass, these musicians include: Devon Parker & Ashley Niven (vocals), Eric Luba (keyboards), George Horn (drums), Will Trask (percussion), Mike Chiesa (tenor saxophone), and Gabe Mervine (trumpet).

Despite the solid lineup, this album, like the others, still isn’t a slouch with guest appearances as it features Shane Endsley of Kneebody, Jeff Franca of Thievery Corporation, Parris Fleming of The Motet, and Nick Gerlach of Michal Menert & the Pretty Fantastics.

“Funky Mother” is the group’s first release on Color Red and produced by Eddie Roberts of The New Mastersounds. The record that was recorded and engineered at Scanhope Sound, the studio that Fairman co-owns in Littleton, CO.

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