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Ugly Mug (The Histronic Remix)

Ugly Mug (The Histronic Remix)

Producer - Eddie Roberts & Josh Fairman

Remix Producer - The Histronic

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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The Histronic adds a funk-house finesse to Analog Son’s “Ugly Mug” in their latest remix. Kevin Dorsey (Keyboards, The Histronic) met Josh Fairman and Jordan Linit (co-founders of Analog Son) during their freshmen year of music school at The University of Denver in 2002 and the trio formed a fast friendship and began collaborating right out of the gate. When approached with “Ugly Mug,” Dorsey set out to bring a fresh house feel to the track and added in new drum, bass, keyboard, and percussion parts on top of Analog Son's funky musical palate. He extended sections, changed the song structure, repurposed the vocals and augmented the song with an array of analog synthesizers to put a signature touch on the tune that The Histronic is known for. The group has been a staple on the live electronica scene since 2007 with numerous festival appearances and three full-length albums under their belts (their debut self-titled album was cited as “best jamband album” by Their fourth album is underway and will be available in 2020.

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