Hum Tumhe

By: Les Jeux Sont Funk
Produced By: Les Jeux Sont Funk
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Les Jeux Sont Funk takes their fascination with Indian films and adapts the song “Hum Tumhe” from the movie Qurbani in a style of their own. Bandleader Carlo Nardi notes that Bollywood music can absorb several musical styles while still maintaining a distinct musical footprint of its own. He cites music directors like R.D. Burman and Kalyanji-Anandji as masters of their craft who create captivating grooves while drawing upon regional modalities, folk music, and classical traditions. Furthering the concept of blending styles and taking liberties with arrangements, Les Jeux Sont Funk’s rendition of “Hum Tumhe” observes the soprano saxophone and guitar taking the place of the original synthesizer and vocal call-and-response section. The Trento, Italy-based group has garnered international attention receiving an invitation to perform at Arezzo Wave Love Festival which has become an institution in the Italian music scene and has garnered stateside airplay on KCRW (Los Angeles, CA), KNKX (Seattle, WA), and more.