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Color Red Producer: Low Stimuli Affect

Jason Goessl - Guitar (Electric)

Produced by Jason Goessl

Tracking Engineer - Jason Goessl
Parlour Trick

Mixed by Jason Goessl
Parlour Trick

Mastered by Evan Schiller
Evan Schiller Mastering

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Isochrone is a collection of solo guitar drones created by Jason Goessl to calm and soothe the mind and body. For each track the guitar is tuned to produce a specific solfeggio frequency through overtones. Isochrone is a great backdrop for relaxing activities like yoga, reiki, massage, meditation, and can also be used as a sleeping aid. Isochrone can be listened to as a whole album concept or each track can be looped to concentrate on its specific miracle tone to isolate vibrations and influence manifestations. It is best in headphones at low volumes to get the full isochronic effect. Isochrone is a great daily soundtrack for the home or office to help relieve anxiety and invoke a positive mental state.

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