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Love & Gravity

Love & Gravity

Color Red Producer: Kelly Finnigan
Produced by Kelly Finnigan Credits: Leo Plummer - Guitar (Electric), Background Vocals, Acoustic Guitar Richard Love - Vocals Brian Swislow - Percussion Instruments, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Acoustic Piano, Background Vocals, Talk Box Lex Razon - Drums Peter L Ciotti IV - Drums Thatcher Holvick-Norton - Percussion Instruments, Congas, Drums Ian Taylor - Bass Guitar (Electric), Background Vocals, Synthesizer Kelly Finnigan - Background Vocals Jonathan Woods - Vocals Tracking Engineer - Kelly Finnigan Transistor Sound Studio Mixing Engineer(s) - Kelly Finnigan, Sergio Rios Transistor Sound Studio , Killion Sound Mastering Engineer - JJ Golden Golden Mastering
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Heralded as “Northern California’s hardest-hitting soul sensation,” Object Heavy ignites a bold new movement giving daps to classic Cadillac soul injected with dance grooves and blazing musicianship. With powerhouse vocalist Richard Love at the helm and soul revival pioneer Kelly Finnigan of Monophonics guiding the production and sound, ‘Love & Gravity’ makes an impactful introductory statement as it plants itself on the record shelves of both classic vinyl enthusiasts and casual listeners with open ears. Out of the gate, the powerful 70s-inspired funk anthem “Alone” beckons the audience to take heed and soak in universal themes of love, unity, and togetherness. Listeners jump into their cruisers during the Smokey Robinson-inspired “For the Better” while nodding their heads with simultaneous sentiments of being lost in the groove and the empathetic feeling of experiencing relationship tribulations trying to maintain a relationship while on the road. “Righteous Walk” sums up the relentless optimism and dedication of the band as it conveys the message of being unstoppable and uplifting yourself and everyone around you no matter what wrenches get thrown in the road. As ‘Love & Gravity’ enters the sonic ether, be prepared to take notes and mark your calendars and they continue to make waves across the national circuit.

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