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Righteous Walk

Righteous Walk

Color Red Producer: Kelly Finnigan

Produced by Kelly Finnigan

Richard Love - Vocals
Brian Swislow - Keyboards, Synthesizer, Acoustic Piano, Talk Box
Ian Taylor - Synthesizer, Background Vocals, Bass Guitar (Electric)
Leo Plummer - Background Vocals, Guitar (Electric)
Lex Razon - Drums
Thatcher Holvick-Norton - Percussion Instruments

Tracking Engineer - Kelly Finnigan
Transistor Sound Studio

Mixing Engineer - Kelly Finnigan
Transistor Sound Studio

Mastering Engineer - JJ Golden
Golden Mastering

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Righteous Walk is a 70's Funk inspired soulful dance tune meant to convey the feeling of being unstoppable. Uplifting yourself and everyone around you no matter what obstacles may get in your way.

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