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Pay For Yourself

Pay For Yourself

Color Red Producer:
Production Credits:

Producer: Dave Brandwein
Sound Engineer(s): Sergio Rios, Dave Brandwein
Mixing Engineer: Dave Brandwein
Mastering Engineer: Jason "Jocko" Randall

Performer Credits:

Drums: Joseph Campanella
Lead Vocals: Danke
Keyboards: Steve Okonski
Electric Guitar: Dave Brandwein
Bass Guitar: Dale Jennings
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Mister Rebound releases their 2nd single, "Pay For Yourself" from Color Red in anticipation of their debut album release, 'Trapped In Paradise'. "Pay For Yourself" features the vocal stylings of Dankë, with a shimmery and light feel reminiscent of Khruangbin, mixed with a funky 70s energy akin to Steely Dan. Mister Rebound's lineup includes heavy hitters such as Steve Okonski (Durand Jones & The Indications), Dave Brandwein (Turkuaz), and Dale Jennings (Orgone) with the band led by LA musician Joey Campanella.

"Pay For Yourself" quickly transports the listener into a smooth and groovy state and shows us the band's range with both lyrical songs and hard-hitting instrumental funk, as seen in their debut single "Rebound Theme".
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