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Pigeon Holeous

Pigeon Holeous

Produced by Scott Rednor

Brendan McKinney - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Scott Rednor

Tracking Engineer - Taylor Hines
Shakedown Bar - Vail

Mixing Engineer - Taylor Hines, Scott Rednor
Shakedown Bar - Vail

Overdub Engineer - Taylor Hines
Shakedown Bar - Vail

Mastering Engineer - Taylor Hines, Scott Rednor
Shakedown Bar - Vail

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“Pigeon Holeous” by Brennen McKinney details a real close call driving in Nashville during a heavy rain storm. McKinney recalls thankfully avoiding a car accident and the song coming to him like lightning all in that moment. McKinney is joined by Scott Rednor on the track who is the creative director of MAPS (Mr. Anonymous Philanthropic Society), the Vail-based nonprofit organization that supports artists who promote unity and peace in communities through music. “Pigeon Holeous” is released via Go MAPS Music, the record label arm of the organization in partnership with Color Red.

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