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Production Credits:
Produced by Jim Tullio
Tracking Engineer(s) - Jim Tullio, Soren Dorr
Mixing Engineer - Jim Tullio
Mastering Engineer - Jim Tullio

Performed by GreenTTea, Travis T. Bernard, Soren Dorr, Thomas Hart, Jim Tullio, Luca Piattoni, Zach Winkler, Ryan Tharayil, and T Nagaraj
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GreenTTea & The Tempos release their full-album debut, ‘Tempoetic’, accompanied by a 12” vinyl LP release and a performance at the Chop Shop in Chicago supporting The New Mastersounds and The Lucky Strokes. The album features the soulful vocal melodies of GreenTTea, a young, up-and-coming singer from Chicago. Produced by Jim Tullio (Mavis Staples, Dave Mason) and recorded at Chicago’s Butcher Boy Studios, ‘Tempoetic’ evokes the iconic neo-soul sounds of Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, with a thoughtfully arranged sound and the occasional contemporary flourishes reminiscent of artists like Ogi and chlothegod.
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