Your Love is Like Water

By: The Macy Sounds
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“Your Love is Like Water” is a soul-drenched collaboration between Josh Hoyer & The Macy Sounds. In fall 2018, Macy Sounds formed in Color Red Studios as a collaboration between John Macy on pedal steel guitar and Eddie Roberts, Pete Shand, and Joe Tatton of The New Mastersounds with Jeff Franca of Thievery Corporation on drums. With a solid track peppered with asserted riffs and slick guitar work, Eddie Roberts called upon Hoyer to add his Bill Withers-esque vocals. The lyrics used in “Your Love is Like Water” had been looking for a home for awhile, so it was simpatico that they laid well over The Macy Sounds' Meters-like funk groundwork. This is the first track in a three-song series on Color Red with a follow up session with Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal to follow in May 2019.