Gettin' On

By: Freekbass
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Freekbass sets the stage for what could be a synth-infused, bass-thumping showstopper in an early 80s musical with “Gettin On.” The track is the first collaboration between Freekbass and songwriter, Joe Jordan. Freekbass played the instrumental track for Jordan, and the two discussed a message of positivity and moving forward —a message that is timely, given everything going on in the world. Jordan was able to infuse some strong lyrical concepts and the foundation was laid. Once Freekbass & The Bump Assembly arrived at Color Red Studios, producer Eddie Roberts helped to mold the tune and get it to the finish line. The track was then passed to Lee Popa at the helm of Color Red Japan who took a fresh approach to get a very textured, but tight sound. The band decided the music video should reflect the song's message of momentum and change, focusing on the lyrics, ""I'm gettin' on, And nothing's gettin' in my way"". In a landscape where some communities are finding challenges placed on their right to vote, a ""get-out-the-vote"" theme made perfect sense. The video demonstrates taking action and overcoming obstacles to vote, and being relentless in doing your part to make your voice heard.