By: Freekbass , Nigel Hall
Produced By: Freekbass , Sounds of Eddie Roberts
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“Drive” by Freekbass takes pages from the pages of the church of Sly Stone and features Nigel Hall of Lettuce on vocals and clavinet. Wanting to keep the funk raw and loose and reminiscent of albums like ‘Fresh’ by Sly & the Family Stone, Freekbass crafted the groove and it was evident that Hall would be the perfect voice to fit the mix and lend his chops on clavinet. The two met sharing the stage at Bear Creek Music Festival and he happily obliged to be a part of the tune. The lyrics in “Drive” are co-written by longtime creative partner, Angie Wilson, and reminisce about the feeling of life on the road and embracing the journey that lies ahead. With touring coming to a halt in 2020, the track is a perfect introduction back into life as touring musicians know it as they literally drive around the country and figuratively drive back into the companionship of their collaborations and hearts of their fans.