Collection: Tetrao Urogallus

In the woods, far away from civilization, a rare bird holds court: Tetrao Urogallus, also known as the western capercaillie. His manners are grumpy, his voice abrasive, his strut flamboyant - a special creature to say the least.

Three-piece-outfit Tetrao Urogallus adopted this strange fowl as their totem, feeling like forgotten creatures of the deep forest themselves. But confident as the wood grouse Tetrao Urogallus keep on keeping on, well aware of their secret powers. So what ́s their thing? Hidden in the underwoods, Tetrao Urogallus are constantly building their temple of songs to worship their long gone heroes of what was later called proto-metal, soul and psychedelic music. In their e(ar)piphany they focus on the riff, the groove, THE ESSENCE.

Live and on vinyl, their hypnotic-primitive offerings will take you further away, out to the court of the capercaillie: Lost in the woods, resting on moss, watching hazy shadows underneath the trees approaching... the ceremony commences. For their self-titled debut album, the trio met for a weekend of writing and recording at Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios in Hamburg. 48 hours later, Tetrao Urogallus was born: From the melting pot of fuzzed-out guitar work, funk ́d up drumming and heavy low bass riffing arose a three dimensional, mystic and haunting psychedelic monster. Meanwhile, Producer/Keyboarder Erobique worked in the same studio and was attracted by the otherworldly sound of the band. He instantly created extraterrestrical organ/synthesizer eruptions that blended in perfectly. The heavy desert riffs of the Diazpora Horns concluded their analog recording obsession."