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Gallus Major

Gallus Major

Color Red Producer: Dennis Rux

Produced by Dennis Rux

Dennis Rux - Guitar (Electric)
David Nesselhauf - Bass Guitar (all types)
Corneel Canters - Drums
Carsten Meyer - Electric Organ, Synthesizer
Hans-Christian Stephan - Trumpet
Kimo Eiserbeck - Saxophone

Tracking Engineer - Dennis Rux
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios

Mixing Engineer - Dennis Rux
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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Hamburg, Germany’s Tetrao Urogallus is the latest torch bearer in the lineage of horn-laced modern psychedelic soul and doom fuzz bands such The Budos Band, Menahan Street Band, and Brownout. The band’s namesake is the Latin term for the western capercaillie (wood grouse) and the band embraces thematic elements naming every track after Latin terms for flora and fauna. “Gallus Major” describes the strongest capercaillie in the tok. The track begins with boisterous horn sustains and quickly simmers into a soundtrack for the gallus major to sneak up on its prey and then go in for the kill. The band’s debut LP exhibits collaborator Dennis Rux and David Nesselhauf’s love for dark, fuzzy sounds mixed with their rich backgrounds performing with the in the contemporary funk/soul act The Hamburg Spinners and Rux’s vast production knowledge garnered from operating Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios.

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