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Barbarea Vulgaris

Barbarea Vulgaris

Color Red Producer: Dennis Rux

Produced by Dennis Rux

Dennis Rux - Guitar (Electric)
David Nesselhauf - Bass Guitar (all types)
Corneel Canters - Drums

Tracking Engineer - Dennis Rux
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios

Mixing Engineer - Dennis Rux
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Studios

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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Tetrao Urogallus present a soundtrack for buckling up and going for a chase in their second Color Red single “Barbarea Vulgaris.” Barbarea Vulgaris is Latin for a blood-purifying herb that makes the capercaillie strong. The band’s namesake pays homage to the western capercaillie or ‘wood grouse’ and using the Latin language to represent flora and fauna in every track name is a common theme of the band’s debut album. Bassist David Nesselhauf cites that the song mirrors the predicament of being king of your territory while simultaneously being threatened by reality—it’s how an endangered species might feel out of the woods. The fuzzy guitars, no-nonsense drum hits, and nimble bass lines represent a musical creature that may be out of its element but still holds its head up high.

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