Collection: The Greyboy Allstars

Initially formed in 1993 as the backing band for rare groove luminary DJ Greyboy. DJ Greyboy and saxophonist Karl Denson (who was touring with Lenny Kravitz at the time) collaborated on two tracks for Ubiquity Records' Home Cookin' compilation, and then worked on Greyboy's 1994 solo album for Ubiquity, Freestylin'.

After forming their own label, Greyboy Records, the duo gradually amassed members for a house band"". The founding members included Denson, guitarist Michael Andrews (under the psuedonym Elgin Park), keyboardist Robert Walter, bassist Chris Stillwell, and drummer Zak Najor. The Greyboy Allstars started playing weekly at San Diego’s now defunct Green Circle, weekends at San Francisco’s Elbo Room and various clubs throughout Europe.

Their first album, West Coast Boogaloo, was released in 1995, and featured Fred Wesley. Two years later, Live and Town Called Earth were released. A decade later, What Happened to Television? was released; it was followed by Inland Emperor in 2013.