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Keep On Walkin'

Keep On Walkin'

Color Red Producer: Justin Prizant, Zak Najor

Produced by: Justin Prizant, Zak Najor

Sound Engineer(s): Justin Prizant, Jordan Andreen

Mixing Engineer: Justin Prizant

Mastering Engineer: Doug Krebs

Performed by: Zak Najor, Karl Denson, Robert Walter, Rebecca Jade, Chris Stillwell, Greyboy, Nigel Hall, Justin Prizant, Brian Jordan, Mike Watson, O’Hene Savant, Cochemea Gastelum, Andy Geib, Kevin Freeby, Steve Haney, J Dub Williams, Kianna Cameron, Brian Teel, Durell Anthony

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Zbonics makes their return with their full-album release from Color Red and Session Resurrection, 'Keep On Walkin'. The group led by Zak Najor (Greyboy Allstars), features an all-star cast including Karl Denson (Rolling Stones), Robert Walter (Roger Waters), Rebecca Jade (Aubrey Logan), and Greyboy.
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