Collection: Zbonics

Zbonics started out as a studio project in Zak Najor’s (Greyboy Allstars) garage. Then in 2001, Producer Justin Prizant and Drummer Zak Najor recruited key musicians to take these early song idea gems and develop them into a timeless jazz/funk album. Saxophonist Karl Denson(Rolling Stones), Keyboardists Adam Scone(Lou Donaldson) and Robert Walter(20th Congress, Greyboy Allstars) , guitarist Melvin Sparks(Isley Bros, Little Richard, Marvin Gaye) and Zak himself on the drums, and many others, built a mighty foundation for this collection of songs. After the Instrumentation of the records were complete, a not-yet-world known vocalist lent his voice and lyrical talent generously to the project. This vocalist ended up being multi-Grammy winner Gregory Porter. The “Time To Do Your Thing” album was received with a great response in the U.S. and in Europe. Jazz singer-songwriter and radio personality called Zbonics “Time To Do Your Thing” one of the best jazz albums of the year.