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Eternal Blues

Eternal Blues

Color Red Producer: Justin Prizant, Zak Najor

Producer - Justin Prizant

Nigel Hall - Vocals
Brian Teel - Talk Box, Synth Bass, Handclaps
Steve Haney - Percussion Instruments
Brian Jordan - Guitar, Handclaps
Kianna Cameron - Guitar
Robert Walter - Electric Organ, Synthesizer
J Dub - Electric Organ, Acoustic Piano, Handclaps
Karl Denson - Saxophone
Cochemea Gastelum - Saxophone
Zak Najor - Drums, Handclaps
Justin Prizant - Handclaps
Chris Stillwell - Baritone Guitar

Tracking Engineer - Jordan Andreen
Audio Design

Mixing Engineer - Justin Prizant
Session Resurrection

Mastering Engineer - Kevin Blackler
Blackler Mastering

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Zbonics create a sonic staycation on the soul side of town in “Eternal Blues.” Enlisting Nigel Hall as their co-pilot, Zak Najor tapped into the archive of songs he and Karl Denson penned in 2004 and found the sentiments to still resonate in present times. The journey takes listeners into the realms of the dreaded “friend zone” and speak to coping with the fear and pending rejection lingering around the corner. Production-wise, the song will teleport the audience back to the 80s with rotund, but tight production; AC/DC-esque drums; and the polished, natural swagger of Prince.

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