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Freekbass - All the Way This. All the Way That. (LP)

Freekbass - All the Way This. All the Way That. (LP)

Mastered by Doug Krebs at Doug Krebs Mastering Additional Engineering by Greg Sanderson

Freekbass - Bass guitar, vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, percussion Rico Lewis - Drums, percussion, vocals
Sky White - Keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
Itaal Shur - Keyboards, synthesizer, vocals
Sammi Garett - Vocals
Eddie Roberts - Guitar, percussion
Joel “Razor Sharp” Johnson - Keyboards, synthesizer Lonnie “Meganut” Marshall - Vocals
Reilly Comisar - Vocals (Blizzard Lizard)
Adryon de LeÓn - Vocals (You Make Me Wanna Dance) Stella Sherman - Vocals (Fre3kroNomoKon)

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Freekbass, hailed by the legendary Bootsy Collins as “the new spiritual warrior for the funk,” is ready to serve up his new album All The Way This. All The Way That. on the exciting new Color Red imprint on May 31, 2019. The highly anticipated album embodies the past, present, and future of funk music from the creative minds of Freekbass and co-producers Itaal Shur and Color Red founder Eddie Roberts. The ten track album captures Freekbass’ sound and influences traversing funk from different locations and eras, but the result is 100% original Freekbass. All The Way This. All The Way That. has a warmth that hasn’t been captured until now. That’s because part of the record was recorded straight to a Tascam 388, an eight-track tape recorder with a cult following at Color Red studios, that showcases the infectious energy of a live Freekbass show.

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