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Color Red Producer: Dan Africano

Produced by Dan Africano

Elliot Martin - Vocals, Keyboards
Steve DiGregorio - Keyboards
Nate Richardson - Guitar (Electric)
Van Gordon Martin - Guitar (Electric)
Tommy Benedetti - Drums
Dan Africano - Bass Guitar (Electric)

Tracking Engineer - Elliot Martin
Shut-In Studios

Mixing Engineer - Matthew Saccuccimorano, Dan Africano
Scaramanga Industries, La Casita Azul

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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Lead singer of the trailblazing North American Reggae band John Brown's Body, Elliot Martin, releases a 2x-track single "Ashes" from Color Red featuring the production prowess of Dan Africano (Death by Dub). The title track, "Ashes" is a feel-good reggae vibe that highlights Martin's continuous ability to uplift listeners and drive songs with his distinct melodies and vocal tone.
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