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Color Red Producer: Dan Africano, Scott Flynn

Produced by Dan Africano

Dan Africano - Bass
Jonny Jyemo - Drums
Scott Flynn - Trombone
Drew Sayers - Tenor Saxophone
Ryan Jalbert - Guitar
Wylie Jones - Acoustic Piano, Electric Organ, Keyboards
Jeff Franca - Drums, Percussion Instruments
Neal Evans - Percussion Instruments
Mike Tallman - Guitar
Elliot Martin - Vocals
Eric Luba - Keyboards

Tracking Engineers - Mike Tallman, Josh Fairman
Color Red Studios - Denver

Mixing Engineers - Josh Fairman, Dan Africano
Lasking Productions, La Casita Azul

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

Artist - Christopher Ball
Deep Groove Designs

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Death by Dub draws from the long history of reggae music and sound system culture creating instrumental music that is fully saturated in the idioms of dub music, both in live performance and in the recording studio. The project is led by Dan Africano and Scott Flynn, both of whom have spent years steeped in the world of dub and reggae music playing with one of the greatest American reggae bands of all time, John Brown’s Body. Around 2018, Dan and Scott both moved to Denver, Colorado, and it was there they decided to start something new and original in the style of dub/reggae that they both loved so deeply. The group’s debut record ‘Abundance’ is the result of assembling a rotating cast of some of the most astute collaborators in today’s music scene to write and record a collection of original tracks at Color Red Studios.

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