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Birth of Giants

By: Death by Dub
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“Birth of Giants” is Death by Dub’s second single as part of a monthly release series via Color Red. The track is a finely tuned display of studio precision and dedication to artistry. Co-founders Dan Africano and Scott Flynn (along with Drew Sayers, who helped mix the track) used the space within the song to allow the effects to serve as equal focal points to the instrumental parts. The simmering slower tempo allows for a healthy amount of dark reverb on the snare and the use of a phaser on the hi-hats and cymbals which adds a swirly texture reminiscent of Lee Perry's Black Ark recordings. This track is heavy in authentic dub-style production. Having Africano in addition to Color Red producers Mike Tallman and Josh Fairman at the helms showcases the collaborative environment that is the root to Color Red’s endeavors—to create all-original music by some of the heaviest players in today’s music scene.