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Resurrection (EP)

Resurrection (EP)

Color Red Producer: Dan Africano, Scott Flynn

Produced by Dan Africano

Dan Africano - Electric Bass
Scott Flynn - Trombone
Drew Sayers - Tenor Saxophone
Ryan Jalbert - Electric Guitar
Mike Tallman - Electric Guitar
Jeff Franca - Drums
Jonny Jyemo - Drums
Wylie Jones - Acoustic Piano
Elliot Martin - Vocals

Tracking Engineer - Josh Fairman
Color Red Studios

Mixing Engineer - Dan Africano
La Casita Azul

Mastering Engineer - Doug Krebs
Doug Krebs Mastering

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The masterful dup EP, 'Resurrection,' by Death By Dub is a product of heavy reggae influence and magnificent musical talent of the reggae all-star cast. This 5 song EP features members of John Brown's Body, Thievery Corporation, The Motet, Dubskin, and many more prolific bands in the American reggae scene. With a massive sound of driving bass melodies, pulsing rhythm, and analog techniques Death By Dub creates a dub EP that pays homage to the legends in a unique, modern fashion.

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