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Death Don't Discriminate

Death Don't Discriminate

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Andrew Baile wrote "Death Don't Discriminate" on May 17, 2016 which was the day Guy Clark died. He gave it the track kind of a cowboy feel and the lyrics tangle through truth, love, and death. Around the time of this recording a friend sent Bailie a track to listen to off an R.E.M. record from 1996 called New Adventures In High-Fi. He had never heard this record and was blown away. Huge distorted guitars, tight rhythm section, and Stipe’s vocal soaring over the top. Then, Bailie had a direction for the recording and brought on longtime Dyrty Byrds bass player Mike “Spanky” McCluer, and couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Micah Munro as usual sends it in to the stratosphere with her backing vocals.

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