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Dragon, Bull, Vulture, Giant

Dragon, Bull, Vulture, Giant

Color Red Producer:
Performer Credits:
Percussion: Joe Russo
Bass Guitar: Jon Shaw
Clarinet: Stuart Bogie
Drums: Joe Russo
Electric Guitar: Jonathan Goldberger
Flute: Stuart Bogie
Organ: Stuart Bogie, Jonathan Goldberger
Tenor Saxophone: Stuart Bogie

Production Credits:
Producer: Daniel James Goodwin
Mastering Engineer: Daniel James Goodwin
Mixing Engineer: Daniel James Goodwin
Sound Engineer: Daniel James Goodwin
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Selcouth Quartet continues to blend experimental and avant-garde jazz with tasteful notes of indie and ambient stylings in their latest single from Floki Studios, "Dragon, Bull, Vulture, Giant". The third single from the quartet led by Joe Russo (Joe Russo's Almost Dead, Shpongle) features Stuart Bogie on flute, Jonathan Goldberger on guitar, and Jon Shaw on bass.
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